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Introducing Winflor

At Winflor, we offer pattern-imprinted (stamped) concrete which is prominent in the United States and Europe. The use of stamped concrete effectively transforms boring slabs into something of exuberance. Unlike others in the market, Winflor offers premium stamped concrete, using only the best construction materials which include our own signature color hardener. This in turn allows us to distinguish ourselves in the field through beauty and quality. As the first stamped concrete manufacturer in Thailand, we have the highest experience through years of innovation and trial-and-error. When you choose Winflor, rest assured that you will be served by the market's best. 

For over 20 years, Winflor has worked in every catergory of projects: public places, high-rises, private residences, and garden walkways. Our seasoned construction teams have been through numerous projects of immense difficulty (shown in our gallery). We have completed many multi-colored, multi-patterned jobs which require great artistic talents and field experience.Therefore, it is our promise that we can excecute any themed projects you favor. Whatever you design, Winflor can do it. 



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