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Step 1

Through standard concrete practices, reinforced concrete is casted in-place and screeded to the desire level.

Step 2

Coloring is applied using a dry-and-shake method. A special color-hardener is added twice afterwards, and steel-troweled to the surface.

Step 3

As the concrete surface hardens to its plastic state, a release agent is subsequently applied and the now-colored reinforced concrete is imprinted.

Step 4

After concrete-curing, all imperfections will be attended to and corrected. Afterwards, the cleaning procedure will commence.

Step 5

A special sealer is applied as a finishing touch to the stamped surface. This consequently increases stain-resistance, boosts surface strength, and enhances color projection. 

Step 6

The outlook of Winflor upon completion.

Our Patterns

    Out of the numerous patterns available in the market, Winflor handpicks only a selective few whose visual appeal is extraordinaryWe offer random patterns, cobblestone patterns, fan patterns, tile patterns, ashlar patterns, and wooden patterns, whereby each category has its own distinct attribute. If you are unsure which pattern best-suits your project, our design team would be glad to provide you support. 

    Please note that the patterns marked with an asterisk (*) implies high popularity.


Winflor's Color

   Through the use of high-quality ingredients, our homemade color hardener is bleach-resistant and highly tolerant to any environmental changes. 

   Please note that the picture observable below is only a visual representation of our new color chart. It is by no means an accurate replica of the real color chart and therefore should NOT be used to form judgment when choosing the stampcrete color. As a result, Winflor will always send you a real (physical) color chart before executing any order.

   If the color you desire is not on the color chart, that particular color may be a special color in which additional charges may apply.